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       Bullets From Bob

Getting Hard Benefits
October 2015

Getting Sales & Marketing on Board
February 2015

Demand Planning: A Three-Legged Stool
April 2014

Energy Alignment: Taking S&OP to the Next Level
August 2013

Succeeding in Uncertain Markets
August 2012

Raising and Resolving Conflict: A New Learning Curve
February 2012

ABCs of Implementation - A Continuing Evolution
October 2011

Making Sustainable Change
January 2011

Dealing with Forecast Inaccuracy
August-September 2010

The Sharper Stick Syndrome
May 2010

Comparing Market & Customer Views Makes Forecasting Better (March 2010)

Fixing Imbalances Before They're a Crisis
January 2010

Executive S&OP's Soft Benefits Enable the Hard Benefits
October 2009

With a Little Bit of Help . . .Surviving a Recession
May 2009

Using Executive S&OP to Manage Both the Inside and Outside Factory (February 2009)

S&OP’s Role in Strategic Planning
September 2008

Overcoming the Perception of Precision
May-July 2008

Parallel Paths: Beware of a Too Full Plate
March 2008

Fingerprints - A Key to Success
January 2008

Your Customers - Your Biggest Ally
October-November 2007

Executive S&OP - Getting Started Right
August-September 2007

When Is Learning Not Learning?
June-July 2007

Making Change is more than New Tools
May 2007

Simpler & Better – A Powerful Combination
April 2007

Mitigating Risk & Uncertainty
March 2007

With Change comes Discomfort & Risk
February 2007

Becoming Demand Driven
October 2006