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      The International
           Journal of
     Applied Forecasting

The Foresight Journal, published quarterly by the non-profit International Institute of Forecasters (IIF), prints concise, objective, and readable articles for forecasting managers and analysts. Its mission is to help improve the practice of business forecasting.  Click below to see a Foresight Sampler, and information about subscriptions and  corporate  site licenses.


A CEO's Perspective on S&OP and Forecasting:
Interview with Phil Dolci
An Interview from Foresight Magazine - Winter 2012 - PDF

Phil Dolci has been a pioneer in the application of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), which seeks to unite the demand, supply, financial,  and engineering personnel of an organization into consensus on its forecasts, demand plans, supply plans, and financial projections.

S&OP Principles: The Foundation of Success
by Robert A. Stahl and Thomas F. Wallace - Fall 2012 - PDF

Bob and Tom summarize key takeaways from the many books they have written on S&OP. Including offering an organizational checklist on the proper implementation and tactics for overcoming pushback from organizational inertia.

Overcoming the "Catch 22" of Implementation
by Robert A. Stahl and Joseph F. Shedlawski -
Spring 2012 - PDF

Bob and Joe ask why, in certain companies, S&OP has failed to catch on. They believe the main culprit to be the “catch-22” of change management: if top management is involved from the start, the changes required by S&OP implementation may cause organizational discomfort, but failing to involve top management undermines chances of the project’s success. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. The authors propose a four-step action plan to hit the problem head on and increase the odds of successful implementation.

How S&OP Changes Corporate Culture
by John E. Mello, PhD and Robert A. Stahl -
Winter 2011 - PDF

John and Bob examine the cultural impact of S&OP in seven companies, interviewing individuals who were present before and after S&OP implementations. The interview results reveal remarkable changes in corporate culture and greater satisfaction with corporate performance.

Executive S&OP and the Cycle of Resolution:
Resolving Conflict to Align Human Energy
by Robert A. Stahl and Stewart Levine, J.D. -
Summer 2011 - PDF

Bob and Stewart team up to discuss The Cycle of Resolution model for promoting the behaviors required to turn conflict into collaboration, achieving a shared vision of the future. This article combines Bob's knowledge and experience with S&OP and Stewart's research and experience in human conflict, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

How V&M Start Converts Family Forecasts into
Resource Requirements Using Executive S&OP

by Robert A. Stahl and Amy Mansfield - Winter 2010 - PDF

Generating item-level forecasts can be complex, time consuming, and frustrating for forecasters, and can produce forecasts so inaccurate that they are not used in the planning process. In this case study of V&M Star, management uses Executive S&OP to refocus its forecasting process to family-level forecasts, which are then converted into resource requirements based on assumptions about product mix. This new approach has allowed V&M Star to gain bottom-line results of improved customer service with reduced inventories.

Managing to Achieve Consensus
by Robert A. Stahl - Fall 2010 - PDF

Bob addresses the framework for managing the final two steps of the five-step S&OP process, the Pre-Meeting and the Executive Meeting. Bob discusses the fact that success in using Executive S&OP comes not only from the proper application of its tools, techniques, and processes, but in large measure from the behavior of people with the willingness to get tough issues out in the open.

Resolving a Family Feud:
Market-Facing vs. Lean Manufacturing Families

by Robert A. Stahl and William Kerber - Spring 2010 - PPS

Two very important business processes are Lean Manufacturing and Executive S&OP. Both processes require grouping products into families but for very differentuses, so there is a sharp difference between how each process defines a family. In this column, Bob Stahl and Bill Kerber show how to resolve the family feud by converting market forecasts into production requirements.

How Jarden Branded Consumables Made Forecasting
Simpler & Better Through Executive S&OP
by Robert A. Stahl and Brad McCollum - Fall 2009 - PDF

A case study of the demand side of the equation – forecasting – that shows how Executive S&OP facilitated significant improvements in the generation and use of sales volume forecasts.

Sales & Operations Planning:
Simpler, Better and Needed More than Ever
by Robert A. Stahl Summer 2009 - PDF

Bob lays the foundation for understanding what the executive component of S&OP is – and where it fits in the organizational hierarchy.

Foresight Journal sample
including an article by Bob Stahl & Tom Wallace (p.14)
Sales Forecasting: Improving Cooperation
Between Demand People and the Supply People