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                     Ongoing Support

Once an implementation effort is underway, a small level of ongoing support is required to do the following things:

•    Review and verify progress
•    Verify the proper application of the principles to the company’s
•    Expand alternative solutions when necessary
•    Provide independent feedback on project progress and problems

It is important to experience a “role reversal” early in the implementation effort. That is, in the beginning, the Executive S&OP expert presents the concepts and principles with supporting examples, overcoming the objections of the people in the company. As the project matures, however, it is important that company people begin to take ownership, presenting their solutions, overcoming the “objections” of the S&OP Expert. This is the way in which the company’s people put their fingerprints on the solution.

With Internet collaborative technology of Net Meeting, Go-To Meeting, and the like, today much of this ongoing support can be virtual. We have found that this works well once a face-to-face relationship has been established. This support is typically in small increments of one or two hour meetings, totaling approximately one day a month.

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