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About Tom Wallace...

Tom has been a writer and educator specializing in S&OP Planning, Sales Forecasting, Demand Management, and Resource Planning. 
Tom is the author & co-author of:
•    S&OP Planning: The Executive's Guide

•    Sales & Operations Planning:
     Beyond the Basics

•    Building to Customer Demand
•    Sales & Operations Planning:
     The Self-Audit Workbook
•    Sales & Operations Planning:
     The How-To Handbook (3rd Edition)
•    Sales Forecasting: A New Approach
•    Master Scheduling in the 21st Century

Tom has developed an taught a variety of seminars to over 10,000 executives, managers and specialists at professional, industry and corporate meetings in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia.  Tom consulted with Boeing, Guiness, Honda, Microsoft, Pfizer, Pitney-Bowes, Procter & Gamble, and others.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Marquette University and an MBA from Xavier.  He served as the editor of the 4th, 5th and 6th editions of the APICS Dictionary of Production and Inventory Control Terminology.  He is currently a Distinguished Fellow of The Ohio State University's Center for Operational Excellence.

Tom is also the author of:

• ERP, Making it Happen: The Implementer's Guide to Success with
  Enterprise Resource Planning (2001), with Mike Kremzar
• The Instant Access Guide to World Class Manufacturing (1994)
• The Innovation Edge: Creating Strategic Breakthrough Using the Voice of
  the Customer (1994), with Bill Barnard
• Customer Driven Strategy: Winning Through Operational Excellence (1992)
• MRPII Making it Happen: The Implementer's Guide to Success with
  Manufacturing Resource Planning (1985, 2nd Edition 1990)
• High Performance Purchasing (1985), with John Schorr

Tom and Bob's books have been translated into Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Italian, French, Russian, Thai, and Portuguese (Brazil).